Tragically, a 7-year-old British boy fell off a rocky outcropping to his death in a skiing accident in the French Alps during a family vacation earlier this month. The young boy was skiing with his mother, brother and sister, and had asked to ski alone for his last descent of the day. He was found dead by rescuers on a helicopter off his expected course. Carwyn Scott-Howell, from Wales, died when he fell from a cliff edge after losing his way in the Alpine resort of Flaine.

In a statement released through the Foreign Office, his family said they were enjoying their last ski run together when Carwyn’s sister “lost her ski on a jump and at this point Carwyn skied ahead”.

The seven-year-old, from Talybont-on-Usk, plunged 160ft to his death in Flaine, France. Police had said they believed the boy did not know where to go and skied in the wrong direction after his mother stopped to help his sister with a lost ski.

An initial investigation into the death of Carwyn Scott-Howell has declared it ‘a tragic accident’ with no-one to blame.

But it is a cautionary tale regarding the critical need to have a ski partner, particularly for children. It also is a sad reminder of the need to have a safety plan for your children – think ahead and make clear, easily-remembered plans to handle an unexpected separation or losing one’s way. Hand-held two-way radios for each member of your party are the safest device, they will work where cell phones do not have coverage.

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