Denver police are cracking down on drivers who make illegal lane changes and cut in line on the interstate. Beginning the initiative, police focused on Interstate 225 at the DTC Boulevard exit, giving 56 tickets on Tuesday morning. Most of the tickets were issued to drivers making illegal lane changes that cut off backed-up traffic. Some tickets were also given to drivers passing on the right shoulder.

Even kindergarteners know that taking “cuts”, cutting in line ahead of cars waiting in a traffic jam, is bad form but some drivers do not realize it may also be illegal. Police also warn that it can be dangerous and even lead to road rage.
With increasing congestion the problem seems to also grow – more than 160 accidents have been reported at the I-225/DTC exit in the past three years. Drivers become impatient, enter the exit lane, proceed as far as possible, to just at the point where the driver is committed to the exit, then attempt to re-enter the highway flow. This forces traffic to slow down to let vehicles over, and, especially during times of high-volume traffic, presents a safety hazard.
Interestingly, a Denver police study found Tuesday to be the worst day for traffic during the morning commute, with the heaviest volume from 7:15 to 10 a.m.
Next week, officers are going to be focusing on westbound I-70 and southbound I-25 at the Mousetrap. Those caught will face a $100 ticket and 3 points assessed to their driving record.

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