Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood has called distracted driving a deadly epidemic. And it is such a problem that Consumer Reports has an entire micro-website dedicated to the issue: Distracted Driving.

The nationally recognized Consumer Reports National Research Center performed a national study which demonstrates just how widespread is distracted driving. Almost two-thirds of the survey respondents had seen drivers in other vehicles texting on a cell phone or other mobile device, just in the previous 30 days. Almost all had observed motorists talking on a handheld phone. In the same period, more than half had seen a dangerous situation that was related to a distracted driver.
Among respondents who are 18 to 29 years old, only 36 percent expressed strong concern with the problem of distracted driving. Only 30 percent felt it is very dangerous to use a handheld phone, compared with 53 percent of those 30 or older. But 76 percent felt that texting while driving is very dangerous. Eighty-three percent said they are in favor of laws to curb distracted driving.
Colorado is one of nine states where texting and/or cell phone use while driving is prohibited. And the study also shows educating drivers about the danger of careless cell-phone use and new bans in many regions that target the hazard are limiting the behavior.

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