Steamboat Springs and Salt Lake City have settled their legal fight over a marketing slogan targeted to tourists in the lucrative winter sports industry. Utah tourism officials agreed to drop “USA” from their new “Ski City” advertising campaign a month after Steamboat Ski Resort sued over its trademark on the name “Ski Town, U.S.A.” Utah replaced the letters on a logo with red and white stripes, making it less similar to the decades-old nickname for Steamboat Springs.

The campaign has also removed the online tagline, “Once you’ve stayed in Ski City, you’ll never stay in another ski town.”

Both parties declined to say whether the settlement, announced Friday, included any monetary compensation.

The Colorado resort sued in October, claiming Utah’s $1.8 million campaign violated its trademark and demanding any profit Salt Lake City made off the ads. The campaign was designed to lure skiers away from Colorado and other destinations with the Salt Lake City area’s dining and nightlife a short drive from major resorts. Last season, Utah had 4.1 million day visits from skiers and snowboarders — compared with 12.6 million in Colorado.

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