Last week we noted the increase in hit and run collision accidents on the slopes, but this report is an example of extreme indifference to the safety of fellow skiers. An eight-year-old boy from Vienna was seriously injured after falling from a ski lift in Flachau, Salzburg, after two men who were sitting beside him opened the safety bar just before the exit.

The two men were not with the boy, and when he fell neither adult bothered to check on his condition. Police said the accident took place at around 11am on the Star Jet 1 chairlift at Flachau Griessenkar resort.

The boy was on a ski holiday with his school group. When the men opened the safety bar he slipped out of his seat, fell about 15 feet and landed in the snow. He broke his forearm and suffered serious abrasions to his face.

Witnesses rushed to help the injured boy and called the emergency services. A snowcat was used to take the boy to hospital. There was no trace of the two men who caused the accident.

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