On February 1, 2000, Donna Bedo was skiing at Copper Mountain, Colorado on the "Loverly" trail. Chris Klarzuk was also skiing at Copper Mountain that day, and was enrolled in a snowboarding class there.

Mrs. Bedo was skiing in an area downhill from Mr. Klarzuk on the "Loverly" trial, which was posted as a "slow skiing" trail. Mr. Klarzuk was snowboarding at a high rate of speed and collided with Mrs. Bedo, striking and severely injuring her.

Mr. Klarzuk then attempted to leave the scene of the accident, without identifying himself to any employee of the ski area. Klarzuk was apprehended by Zoltan Bedo, Mrs. Bedo’s husband, and was asked to remain until representatives of the ski area were contacted.

As a result of the collision, Mrs. Bedo suffered a three part proximal humeral fracture, right, with comminution, with additional comminution of the greater tuberosity, and minimal displacement. She is right handed, thus the injury impacted her dominant hand. Mrs. Bedo is a registered nurse engaged in patient care, and was temporarily disabled from her employment.

The case was ultimately dismissed with prejudice after a settlement was accepted for $100,000.00.

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