This season brings another skier death from a collision with a tress. A man from Kensington, MD was pronounced dead at the base of the ski area after hitting a tree at Snowmass ski area. The man, 42-year-old David Schreitmueller, was described by his father as a careful, skilled skier, but one who often tried things that other skiers wouldn’t. According to Aspen Skiing Co., ski patrol arrived on site to Schreitmueller who was unresponsive and unconscious. He was wearing a helmet while skiing.

The NSAA reports that wearing helmets reduces the incident of head injury by 30-50% in ski-related accidents, in less serious injuries. NSAA’s data also reports that the adoption of helmets has increased 171% over the past 10 years. 67% percent of skiers and snowboarders are now wearing helmets on the slopes. However, the trends indicate that as more skiers are wearing helmets, but fatalities are not decreasing, that skiers and snowboarders are feeling more confident in the helmet’s ability to protect and are increasing riskier behavior.

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