An innovative solution to protect your gear on the slopes is being offered by SnowGate.  The company makes outdoor locker systems that are currently used at Winter Park Resort in Colorado. Mobile-controlled, card-activated, and accessible 24/7, it’s an update to the old padlocked systems in many base lodges. The cost: $2 per hour, and $6 for overnight storage.

Skiers swipe a credit card, choose an available locker, and securely store anything—including skis via a locked rail.  The SnowGate smartphone app then allows users to manage their locker remotely including locking and unlocking their gear and paying for their locker.

SnowGate began use at Winter Park last ski season.  The concept worked so well that Winter Park ordered more and SnowGate turned a profit. SnowGate is now in talks with Copper Mountain for an installation.

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