Spring storms dropped over 41 inches of new snow in the Rocky Mountains creating epic powder conditions, and along with it, a deadly avalanche that even the six expert backcountry skiers who were caught in it, could not have predicted.

Five men died on April 20, 2013, in what is being described as one of the deadliest avalanches in Colorado since 1962 along Loveland Pass. The one survivor, Jerome Boulay, was left to tell the story to critics who questioned the motive of these individuals for taking a run while such dangerous conditions existed. Outside Online’s Colin Bane reports on the story of the skiers, a passion for backcountry safety and awareness, and the run that cost five of them their lives.

Backcountry skiing can be a dangerous sport. Even with the proper avalanche gear, and knowledge to navigate avalanche prone areas, the risks still exist. We are sorry for the loss that these families are facing, and encourage everyone to ski safely on the slopes and in the backcountry.

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