There have been several deaths at ski areas across the Northeast region this season.  A total of six violent ski deaths have been widely reported:

In December, the body of 21-year-old Jennifer Strohl from Pennsylvania was found just off a ski trail at Killington after she was reported missing.

New Jersey’s Lawrence Walck, 45, died at the Stratton ski area in a sledding accident in January.  Also in January, 22-year-old Skyler Ormond of Canandaigua, NY died in a snowboarding accident at the Killington Ski Resort in Vermont. He hit a tree when avoiding a friend who had fallen.

On February 1st, 19-year-old Kendra Bowers of Rhode Island died when she lost control and hit a trail sign at Sugarbush ski area in Vermont.

On February 20th, 30-year-old Roman Plonski of Brooklyn lost control and died while skiing at Stowe.

And then, on March 16th , snowboarder Austin White of Hemlock in Livingston County died at Whiteface Mountain when he ran off a trail and hit a tree.

Ski Areas of New York President Scott Brandi responds to the number with the industry’s standard quote of national averages and claims that ski accidents are decreasing.  But in light of the reporting by NBC Bay Area investigative reporting, and six reported deaths, one has to wonder how many severe non-fatal injuries have occurred this season in the Northeast.

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