If you drive much in Colorado, then you know we have specialty plates for just about any group or cause you can think of, from College Alumni to Colorado Pioneer’s, Firefighters, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Military Service designs, specialty plates of all types are available to residents of our great state. Except for the ski enthusiast!

CSCUSA_LicensePlateSample.jpgOver the past several seasons many drivers have expressed their desire to have a skiing/riding license plate. Colorado Ski USA claims to have received hundreds of requests and suggestions for a Ski license plate because skiing and riding are a part of the Colorado culture. To make this dream a reality Colorado Ski Country is sponsoring a petition to the Colorado Department of Revenue to start offering a Colorado skiing/riding-centric license plate. To do so, they need to show that there is enough interest for the state to consider the petition.
If you wish to support the effort then click here and complete the form, expressing your interest in such a specialty plate. You are simply requesting that the Department of Revenue create such a plate for everyone who loves to ski and ride in our great state. This form is only a request to the Department of Revenue and you are not making any commitment to buy a ski-centric plate, if and when they become available.
The license plate above is a sample design that will be submitted to the Department of Revenue along with the petition. The Department of Revenue retains overall discretion with regard to the final plate design, so this may not be what the actual plate will look like when it is made available.

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