Despite repeated reports on the risks associated with “sexting,” the sharing of sexually explicit photos and text messages by cellphone, the practice is still common among our high school and middle school students. This past Tuesday, Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies served search warrants at Chaparral High School. Deputies took at least four students’ cellphones.

The school’s resource officer alerted investigators that students may have been sending or receiving pictures of a student. Deputies arrived just before school let out for the day and confiscated the phones from the students who may be involved. The investigation is ongoing, and the seized cellphones will be searched for inappropriate photos or messages.
Sheriff’s Office stated that the deputies took the phones in an attempt to stop the pictures form going viral. No charges have been filed in the case and no arrests have been made.
At least one news source reported that this is at least the second school sexting investigation in Douglas County in the last six months. Adults and students must understand the very real dangers associated with this type of behavior – for help in explaining this to your child, see Consequences of Sexting Should Not Be Ignored.

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