Last Saturday, Coffee Mill Ski Resort had another lift mishap. This time a chair came detached and careened down the cable, crashing into the occupants in the next chair below. Two young ski teammates were on the chair which suffered the impact. A Coffee Mill spokesperson said the chair fell a little more than 21 feet.

The older team member, a teenager from Hastings, will go to the Mayo Clinic Wednesday for surgery to fix her nose which was broken by the chair. She is also receiving follow up care for her knee, which was smashed. Her ten-year-old teammate, also on the lift, appears to have suffered no injuries.
The Coffee Mill spokesperson said by phone it’s not clear at this point what caused the chair to fall but they are still investigating. They have inspected every other grip, the device that holds the chairs on the cable. The spokesperson said they doing everything in their power to ensure this doesn’t happen again.
What makes this particularly disturbing is the fact that this is the same resort at which another chair detached just last month, tossing three passengers thirty feet to the ground. See Ski Lift Accidents Multiply.

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