Safer driving on Colorado roadways was the goal of two proposed bills which have been derailed in the state legislature.
A bill that would have required all drivers in Colorado to use hands-free devices to talk on their cellphones while driving got a major pruning in the state Senate when it gutted the ban on hand-held cellphone conversations for adult drivers. Instead, after the amendment, the bill merely bans text-messaging while driving, across all age groups. Drivers under 18 years old still would be barred from talking at all on cellphones while driving.

backseat.jpgThe bill, House Bill 1094, must have final approval in the Senate, expected today. Lawmakers must then negotiate how to reconcile the version passed in the House — which would ban all hand-held cellphone calls while driving — and the one passed in the Senate.
A second bill was killed by a Colorado House committee would have toughened Colorado’s seat-belt law. The bill would have allowed officers to pull over drivers suspected of not wearing seat belts and write them $75 tickets. Currently, seat belts are mandatory, but authorities can ticket only drivers who have been pulled over for other traffic offenses.

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