The 2012 ballot will include a proposed anti-abortion amendment, after legal action by opponent Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains failed to sway the state’s high court.

Personhood Colorado, proponents of the measure, have until Aug. 6 to collect 86,105 valid signatures of Colorado voters to put the anti-abortion amendment on the state ballot for a third time in five years. Colorado voters have rejected a personhood amendment twice before, in 2008 and 2010.
The amendment, if approved by voters, would extend constitutional rights to all humans at any stage of development by declaring that protections of life “apply equally to all innocent persons.” It would prohibit “the intentional killing of any innocent person.”
The measure, the ballot title states, would not prohibit all forms of contraception or in vitro fertilization or medical treatment of a pregnant woman for life-threatening medical conditions.
However, the measure would specifically prohibit “the killing of a person created through rape or incest committed by the father.”
Planned Parenthood leads a coalition of amendment opponents under the banner: “Protect Families Protect Choices.” Legal representatives of Planned Parenthood have called the ballot title misleading for not expressing the “true intent and meaning of the measure — to make euthanasia, stem-cell research and abortion illegal.”

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