Have you noticed that ski season is becoming shorter with each year? The folks at Protect Our Winters have, and the nonprofit organization is working to spread awareness to winter sports enthusiasts worldwide.
Prior to this summer, Protect Our Winters, POW, which is based in the United States, has been focusing on educating and giving grants for clean energy to the mountain communities in the USA. This summer–or winter as it may be–the initiative has headed south.

melting snow.jpgPOW has begun outreach programs in both Australia and Argentina, and hopes to have programs up and running in Chile and New Zealand within the next month. The organization has a wealth of supporters in each of these countries, as winter sports are an important part of life for people who live in the southern mountainous regions.
POW is a grassroots approach to climate change, sponsoring community based events, as well as giving out grants to promote environmental education. The supporters of POW in the Southern Hemisphere are what pushed the organization to expand operations beyond North America.
Programs are just getting underway in Las Lenas and Bariloche, Argentina, and Melbourne, Australia. In the U.S., POW has partnered with the Sierra Club to fight for legislation, and given out grants to support solar-powered schools and development of renewable energy sources.
Climate change is a global issue, and POW recognizes that the winter sports community is one of the first groups to see first-hand the effects. In 2007, pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones founded the organization. Support comes from all age groups, but particularly the young. More can be learned about POW at www.protectourwinters.org.

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