In a bizarre incident in Steamboat Springs, the city manager Jon Roberts was found Sunday, unconscious on a ski slope at Steamboat Ski Area. Test results indicate that Roberts suffered a broken eye socket and three broken ribs, but no spinal cord damage. Roberts remains in critical condition at Denver Health medical center.

The obvious question is how Jon Roberts was hurt. He was found unconscious on the Sitz ski run early Sunday afternoon. He was wearing a helmet and was not found near any trees. The circumstances would point to a hit and run by another skier.
A Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. spokesman said Wednesday that Steamboat Ski Patrol members have spoken with a witness to the accident. No details of the conversation are being shared with the public. But any other witnesses are urged to call Ski Patrol at Steamboat.
Colorado law, and ski safety acts in most other states, require individuals involved in skier/skier collisions to stop at the scene, render aid and to give their name, local address, permanent address and identification. But do not rely on ski patrol or ski area operators to obtain this information because, as a principle of law, they are under no duty to obtain the information. Although this absence of duty is under challenge, the courts are reluctant to impose an enforceable duty upon ski area operators to obtain identification information from reckless skiers.

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