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Personal Emergency Reporting System (PERS) Transmitters seem to be the answer for ensuring the safety of those living alone.  But routine checking is essential to be certain that it will function when needed.  And in the case of one manufacturer, Linear, you should replace the unit.  

The Linear PERS transmitters were sold by distributors and dealers nationwide from June 2013 through August 2013 for about $45 each.  About 48,000 units were sold during that time period.  The battery clips in the transmitters can corrode causing the transmitters to operate intermittently or not at all, without generating a warning.

According to the recall announcement:

The recalled Linear PERS transmitters are components of Linear PERS products and allow users to push a button on the transmitter to summon assistance.  Transmitter models DXS-LRC, DXS-LRC-LA, DXS-LRP and DXS-LRW manufactured from June 2013 to July 2013 with date codes 1306 and 1307 representing the year and month, and 1329 (representing the 29th week of 2013) are included in the recall. The model and date codes appear on the back of the transmitter. The DXS-LRC transmitters are gray plastic pendants with a black circle in the center and can be worn as a pendant around the neck or on a wristband. The DXS-LRP transmitter is a white pendant with a green swirl design on the front.  The DXS-LRW transmitter has a solid black wristband with a black plastic face and black button in the center.

Linear has received one report of a transmitter that failed to operate. No injuries have been reported. Consumers should immediately contact Linear to receive a free replacement transmitter.

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