A toddler who fell from a third-story window in Northglenn is home again after a brief hospital stay. The accident happened in the early evening last Monday. The eighteen-month-old pushed through a window screen and fell to rocks below. Doctors believe a bush may have helped break her fall.
She was taken by helicopter to Children’s Hospital in Aurora. Her injuries were originally described as “traumatic” but ended up being bumps and bruises.

window.jpgThis near-tragic accident demonstrates the danger posed by opening your windows to let in the fresh spring breezes. Since April 2008, The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has monitored media reports of at least 18 small children falling through windows including two deaths. Most of these deaths and injuries occurred just as the one in Aurora, when the child pushed against a window screen or climbed onto furniture next to an open window.
From 2002 to 2004, CPSC has received an average of 25 reports per year of fatalities due to falls from windows. Children under the age of five account for about one-third of these fatalities. The CPSC offers these tips to keep your children safe from falls from window:
Safeguard your children by using window guards or window stops.
Install window guards to prevent children from falling out of windows. (For windows on the 6th floor and below, install window guards that adults and older children can open easily in case of fire.)

  1. Install window stops so that windows open no more than 4 inches.
  2. Never depend on screens to keep children from falling out of windows.
  3. Whenever possible, open windows from the top — not the bottom.
  4. Keep furniture away from windows, to discourage children from climbing near windows.

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