A 20 year-old called Grand County Search and Rescue dispatch around 2:30 p.m. On Valentine’s Day to say he was lost near the Winter Park Ski Resort. The man and his snowboarding partner ducked the rope on the cat track near the Panoramic Express lift on Mary Jane. The caller found himself stuck in a location he didn’t know and called dispatch for help.

The fellow snowboarder was able to ride out and left his companion. The abandoned friend was found out of bounds by Winter Park Ski Patrol at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 14. The Sheriff’s radio system was able to “ping” the lost man’s cell phone using GPS technology to find his exact location.
The lost boarder was cold but was able to ride out with rescuers. Authorities are withholding the identities of the boarders pending possible criminal charges.
The young man is extremely fortunate that he had cellphone coverage from his point near the Zero Creek area near Berthoud Pass. If he had not, and had not been rescued, he would have been facing single-digit temperatures overnight. This is not an uncommon mistake, just last month two teens went out of bounds at Aspen Highlands and required an emergency rescue after becoming stuck, see Teens Learn to Stay Inbounds.

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