A man was arrested near Arapahoe Basin Ski Area recently after apparently trying to sneak in a few early-season runs. According to Summit County Sheriff’s office, ski patrollers tried to stop the snowboarder at the top of the ski area after he allegedly hiked up Sundance run and boarded the Norway Lift. The man was told to meet with the general manager at the bottom of the mountain by the ski patrollers, but he snowboarded away and attempted to enter another lift line, causing a commotion.

footprints.jpgWhen ski patrol told the man the Sheriff’s Office was being called, the man “skied out of bounds and ran off into the woods,” according to the report. Ski patrol pointed out the man’s footprints in fresh snow to deputies near the side of Highway 6 at about noon. Deputies followed the prints to the man, who refused to stop after being told to do so several times.
“(The man) told me he didn’t realize we were following him because he always walks down the ravine to head home to Breckenridge. There were no previous paths of footprints and the terrain was very dense and difficult to travel,” according to the report.
Asked why he didn’t buy a ski pass, the man said he did not have a job, though his wallet was found to contain $1,165 when he was booked into Summit County Jail. Charges against the man include theft of a $49 day pass to A-Basin, third degree trespassing, violation of the Skier Safety Act for skiing out of bounds, obstructing a passageway (for creating a commotion in the lift line) and obstructing a peace officer (for failing to yield to deputies’ commands and instructions).

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