skis.jpgFinally, a feel-good reason to replace your ski/snowboard equipment. Colorado Ski & Golf, owned by Denver-based Specialty Sports Venture, has initiated a recycling program for ski equipment including bindings, poles, boots and other ski accessories. Specialty Sports Venture teamed up with Snowsports Industries of America, a trade group, to create and offer the recycling program, the first of its kind in the nation. The collaboration is a good match for the ski market, most outdoor sports enthusiasts support environmental-friendly projects.
The five Colo. Ski & Golf retail locations are currently hosting Ski Rex, the chain’s mega pre-season sale, and anyone can bring in equipment to be recycled. Equipment in good condition may be donated to charities, and the rest will be recycled. The outdated gear will be turned into furniture, composite decking and other items.
The program is funded by a recycling fee added to all new purchases – $5 for skis and snowboards and $3 for boots. Those who do not want to pay can opt out of the fees. There is no fee for those who recycle but do not purchase.

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