Pitkin County officials signed off on a portable “champagne sled” bar for Aspen mountain, which will serve bubbly to guests on various ski runs. The SkiCo launched a promotion over the Presidents Day weekend, through The Little Nell hotel and Veuve Clicquot champagne, where skiers could find the moveable bar’s location on social networking sites. But the company hadn’t yet received a liquor license from the county for a portable bar, so it had to be parked at the top of the Ajax Express lift adjacent to the Sundeck.

The county commissioners convened a brief special meeting earlier this month, where they approved the liquor license application. But Commissioner George Newman opposed the approval, expressing concern about drunken skiing on Aspen Mountain and bewilderment at the SkiCo’s logic. He noted recent SkiCo attempts to limit alcohol consumption at Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro, on Aspen Highlands, and concern about the addition of more alcohol on Ajax.
SkiCo’s lawyer argued that the company doesn’t expect skiers to be binge drinking to intoxication at the pop-up bars. And at $15 a glass, the champagne bars will be cost prohibitive for a younger, presumably harder-partying skier demographic, he said. He also countered that the skill level of drinkers was not a concern for the company.
A press release on the portable bar, officially named “The Oasis,” described it thus: “The stylish pop-up bar will be adorned in the champagne house’s iconic yellow color. The bar will feature umbrellas, lounge chairs, a solar-powered sound system, flags and other eye-catching features that will make The Oasis stand out in the white snow.”

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