The Accident Compensation Corporation spent more than $18 million on skiing and snowboarding injuries in 2012. The ACC says it received over 13,000 claims last year for ski injuries, most caused by falls and collisions. ACC sport manager Isaac Carlson says most collisions result in soft tissue injuries although some can lead to fractures and head injuries.

ACC is the exclusive provider of accident insurance for all work and non-work injuries in New Zealand. The ACC administers claims on a no-fault basis, so that anyone regardless of the way in which they incurred an injury, is eligible for coverage. But due to the scheme’s no-fault basis, people who have suffered personal injury do not have the right to sue an at-fault party, except for exemplary damages.

ACC is urging New Zealand skiers to use greater caution on the slopes this coming season. Carlson says a simple way to avoid collisions is to give way to people below you as you come down the mountain. Avoiding downhill skiers, of course, happens to be an element of the skiers’ code of responsibility as well as a statutory duty in Colorado.

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