Finally a little sanity may replace a rigid system of prohibition in our Colorado schools regarding prescription medicine for our students. A senate bill has been introduced to allow students to possess life-saving medications while at public schools. The bill eliminates statutory language requiring a student to have a treatment plan before he or she may possess or self-administer medication to treat his or her asthma, food or other allergy, anaphylaxis, or other related, life-threatening condition.

Under the new bill, a student may possess and self-administer on school grounds, upon a school bus, or at any school-sponsored event any medication that is prescribed by a physician to be used by the student.
A school district board of education will be allowed to adopt a policy that restricts a student from possessing and self-administering a prescribed medication. But in adopting such a policy, the school district board must comply with rules promulgated by the state board of education. On or before January 1, 2012, the state board shall promulgate rules for school district boards that wish to adopt policies restricting students’ possession and self-administration of prescription medication. The rules shall require that before adopting any such policy, a district board make a determination that a student’s possession or self-administration of a prescription medication poses a significant risk of harm to the student or to other students, which risk of harm outweighs the risk posed to the student by the enforcement of the policy. The rules shall also describe factors that a school district board shall consider before making such a determination.

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