Another ski lift chair fell from the lift cable during operation, dropping its occupants about six feet to the ground. The two people were treated for apparent minor injuries after the single chair carrying them fell from the Camelot lift, located in the beginner area at Boyne Highlands Resort, on Saturday, Feb. 25th.

The cause of the incident is unknown and a “thorough investigation is ongoing,” the media alert posted on the resort’s website states. “Boyne Highlands’ officials are working with the lift inspector for the state of Michigan to determine the cause.”
The media alert continues, “The Camelot lift undergoes a daily safety check list before operating each morning. In addition, the lift passed a yearly state safety inspection prior to the 2011/12 winter season, which is required for a chairlift to operate.”
Following the incident, all other passengers were safely unloaded from the lift and the lift was shut down. A few hours after the chair fell from the Camelot lift, it was inspected and running once again, said Mark Doman, manager of ski and amusement safety for the state of Michigan, with the Bureau of Commercial Services, Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Doman said it was his understanding that the people involved in the fall were a ski instructor and a “young girl.”
The agency involved is the Michigan Bureau of Commercial Services, Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Commercial Services, she said. Manger Doman said the accident was caused by a misload, but when asked to clarify, Boyne Highland spokesperson instructed the Petoskey News-Review to submit a request under Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act. Not very forthcoming.

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