With the skiing season fast approaching, skiers are warned to look out for drunks on the piste and to remember that if you cause and accident whilst drunk, you will not be covered by insurance. Most travel insurance contracts include an exclusion regarding claims made as a result of alcohol consumption. Skiers should be aware of the risk they take if drinking when on holiday; insurance providers are fully within their rights to decline claims involving alcohol, as it is reasonable to assume adequate care was not taken,” said Steve Williams, head of travel insurance at Confused.com.

drinking.jpgResearch from Confused.com shows that 24% of skiers admitted to drinking more than four drinks before skiing down the side of a mountain; this has led to one in four being affected by drunken skiers. These people either admitted to falling over in the resort after participating in après ski, falling on the slopes or being hit by a skier who had been drinking.
Surprisingly, some 41% of the over 30’s believe to be covered for an accident, regardless of the fact it happened due to drinking alcohol. “The research also reveals its two core groups most likely to slurp and ski; men and those aged between 31-35. Thirty five per cent of males drink heavily and regularly on ski holidays, whereas over one in four 31 – 35 year olds admitted to the same thing,” according to Confused.com
Ski insurance does not cover dangerous activities like bob sleighing, and should check that their cover includes personal liability in case of causing an accident or injury to someone else. While some European ski resorts employ staff to patrol the slopes and watch out for reckless skiing or drunkenness, it’s up to the individual to control themselves.

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