FirstBank has notified customers that their accounts may have been breached at three automated teller machines in the Denver and Boulder area that had illegal skimming devices installed. All three machines were at King Soopers grocery stores. One skimmer device, which covered the card slot plus had a camera behind a pin hole to record a customer’s personal identification number, was recovered by the bank. The three ATMs inside the grocery stores were at 3495 S. University Blvd. in Englewood, 1155 E. Ninth Ave. in Denver and 1650 30th St. in Boulder.

In a letter, dated Sept. 2, FirstBank said debit cards used between June and July at the machines are “considered at risk.” It is unknown how many customers could be at risk because the bank is still determining when the devices were installed on the machines. The bank was alerted to the skimmer by a customer. Other technology used by the bank to alert consumers of unusual activity on their accounts also alerted the bank to possible fraud that “led us to believe there were skimmers on those ATMs,” a spokesman told The Denver Post.

Customers are being issued new debit cards and should have received them by now. Original cards will no longer work as of last Tuesday.

Skimmers often cover the card slots and number pads of ATM machines or other devices where consumers pay with a card. Denver Police say more skimmers have been found on gas pumps than on ATMs. For either type of transaction, consider covering your hand while typing in a PIN in case a nearby device is recording what you type and inspect the machine for any unusual wires or hardware before swiping a credit or debit card through.

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