Liftopia has been an online seller of ski lift tickets since 2005. As a tech platform for resorts to sell ski tickets online, the website offered great deals from resorts for people who bought non-refundable online tickets.
But now with the Uber model demonstrating the inefficiency of single-price marketing, Liftopia is launching a tiered pricing platform to offer a flexible tiered pricing system similar to what’s available in the hotel or airline industries.

Value lift tickets are date-specific, non-refundable and non-changeable, offering the deepest discounts with savings up to 85 percent off walkup when purchased in advance. These are ideal for consumers who know the exact dates they will be skiing or riding. And value plus lift tickets allow a one-time date change during the season.

Flexible lift tickets with unlimited date changes during the season, and are more expensive. Discounts will be closer to 25% over the walkup price. In addition to benefiting customers, Liftopia helps resorts find the right price for any given customer set.

Liftopia currently has about 200 ski resorts on its online roster, and 80 resorts use its SaaS platform to provide online lift ticket sales. This year, the company hopes to increase the number to 250 resorts on the Liftopia listing and more than 100 using the platform. Almost all of those will use the new tiered pricing system.

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