When I had nearly given up all hope that I could ever find justice, after I had exhausted all the Medical Customer Protection sources I could find, Linda Chalat became aware of my struggle, contacted me, and gave me hope for the first time in nearly two years. She immediately took the burden of worries off my shoulders and worked diligently to achieve the greatest justice possible. While she had to deal with the frustration of unethical and uncooperative so-called professionals, she never once stooped to their level. She worked very hard to get the very best resolution possible under the specific circumstances of my case. She didn’t allow things to drag on, yet nor did she become impatient with the time she had to spend on my behalf. I didn’t achieve all my goals of resolution, but her advice to me about what was possible and what was not worth the pain and strain, I trusted without a doubt as the very best guidance. I never felt like I was just another client, I felt I had a compassionate friend who wanted the very, very best for me. I shall ever be grateful to Linda Chalat and her firm for all the extras that they gave to me. I highly recommend Linda Chalat as knowledgeable, determined, professional, compassionate and ethical.
Lois, Medical Malpractice Client