While a bill requiring ski helmet use was pending in the California legislature during the last days of August, a similar bill was passed by the New Jersey Senate and is heading for a vote in the Assembly.

Similar to the California bill, the New Jersey measure would require skiers under the age of 18 to wear a securely fitted protective helmet specifically designed by the manufacturer to be used while engaged in the activity of downhill skiing. The bill defines “downhill skiing” to include the operation of toboggans, sleds and snowboards.
The bill also requires ski area operators to issue skiers under 18 years of age a distinctive colored tag to be attached to the skier’s lift ticket. The bill would fine parents, guardians and even supervising adults $25 for the first offense and up to $100 for future offenses. And the bill requires a ski area operator to establish written procedures for the provision of medical care to an injured skier which are to be followed by the employees or volunteers working at the ski area.

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