The need for a system to indicate potency of marijuana edibles has been highlighted by two recent Denver deaths, but the proposed use of ski symbols has many in the ski industry experiencing a buzz kill.

Ski runs have been identified for years according to difficulty and recommended skill level through the use of symbols. Well recognized, green indicates beginner, blue intermediate and black as expert terrain.

Last week the Colorado marijuana industry suggested using the same system for marijuana edibles. And reportedly, regulators are seriously considering the same system: green circles, blue squares and a black diamond.

Health officials agree that a rating system is needed, but the suggested adoption of the ski slope symbols is something the ski industry is protesting.

“The ski industry has a strong opposition to the appropriation of ski resort symbols for marijuana use,” stated Jenn Rudolf from Colorado Ski Country USA. Concern expressed by the resorts focuses on their efforts to distance the sport from the marijuana industry. Most Colorado ski areas, in concert with the Forest Service, have stressed that pot smoking on ski resort land is illegal.

With a rainbow of colors available, the ski industry hopes different colors and symbols can be used.

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