CLIF® BAR presents the first iPhone application to combine ski resort snow conditions with environmental steps the resorts are taking to combat global warming. CLIF BAR Save Our Snow (SOS) iPhone App can be downloaded free from your iPhone or iTouch App Store (search “Save Our Snow”) or from U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and are providing weather reports and other snow-related data. The NSAA is also participating by providing environmental information and statistics.

CLIF BAR has, for the past three years, helped raise the awareness of winter athletes and enthusiasts about global warming’s impact on the ski industry. From mounting veggie-fueled mobile tours with top skiers like Alison Gannett and riders like Jeremy Jones to providing carbon offsets for chairlift energy use, the CLIF BAR SOS campaign has informed thousands of winter resort-goers about the need to quickly address global warming if they want to continue to enjoy outdoor winter activities. The CLIF BAR SOS iPhone app was designed by Raven Zachary in conjunction with Cobra Creative and Darknoon.
Skier, Rider License Plate Looks Good In Colorado
A bill to create a ski license plate for Colorado vehicles is on its way to the Senate, thanks in part to nearly 4,500 locals who petitioned for the ode to their favorite pastime. Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA) has instigated a petition and gathered signatures to take to the Department of Revenue to move forward with a ski plate over the past several years. Officials at CSCUSA say that, for decades, their supporters have called requesting a ski license plate to brandish their passion for Colorado’s signature sport and now they soon may get their wish.
The state Department of Revenue requires a minimum of 3,000 signatures in order to give its consent for authorizing specialized plates. CSCUSA’s signature-collecting efforts busted that threshold and now CSCUSA and the Department have been working together to design a plate depicting a skier and snowboarder under a bluebird Colorado sky. Colorado will be the only state in the nation with a license plate depicting both a snowboarder and a skier if the bill passes.
The Bill must go through the Senate and House but in a recent press release, Senator Dan Gibbs (D-Dillon) who sponsors the bill, explained that making a ski plate is a no brainer. “Skiing is not only Colorado’s best-known winter sport, it is what Colorado is known for all year-round,” he said. “We should encourage Coloradans to show their pride for the sport with a special license plate.”
The state could expect about $30,000 in revenue from the $50 plates in the first year. The money would go to better Colorado roads and bridges. The Senate has passed the Bill and it is now in the House for approval.
New York and Idaho both offer a specialized ski license plate, and Utah residents can pick up a “Greatest Snow On Earth” plate for free when they register their vehicles. CSCUSA says their plate will help spread exposure for Colorado skiing.

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