After a skiers death on January 12, 2013, the state of Maine has opened an investigation questioning the care received by David Morse shortly before he died from a collision with a tree..

David Morse, 41, of Nova Scotia was skiing with his wife and two young children at Sugarloaf resort in Maine, when Morse had an accident. Morse was fully conscious and gave a coherent report to the ski patrol when they arrived on scene shortly after the accident. According to Morse’s wife, the resort’s responders gave proper and responsive care to her husband. Morse’s wife believes that the time that Morse arrived at the base, and in the care of Franklin Community Health Network, is when things took a turn for the worst.

Instead of responding to internal bleeding, or taking blood pressure measurements, the medical responders from the Franklin Community Health Network EMT team began tending to an injured arm. When Morse went into cardiac arrest, his wife – a nurse practitioner with over 10 years experience – responded by performing CPR. Once Morse was loaded into the ambulance for a near hour ride to the hospital, his wife asked to hold his hand and was left out of the ambulance screaming. Morse passed from chest injuries on the way to the hospital.

Morse’s wife hopes that further investigation into the hospital will reveal more details of this tragic event and the negligent care of the hospital and ambulance service.

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