The Denver Post has introduced an interactive map that lets online users see what crimes are being reported in Denver neighborhoods and what trends can be identified.  The data is updated more than once a week, giving viewers a glimpse into crime trends and allowing them to compare neighborhoods. Crime can be examined over 31 consecutive days.

Viewers can focus on specific neighborhoods or look at the city overall.  Violent crimes are shown in red, while purple denotes property crime. Other crimes are shown in yellow.   The map color of a neighborhood indicates how crime there is trending over the past 12 months — red for up, green for down and gray for “about average.”

The map is broken into discrete neighborhoods, and clicking on one allows users to see information about specifically reported crimes, including when and where it was reported. Charts below the map indicate the number of crimes committed by day of the week, how often crime happens during certain times of the day and the addresses where crime is reported the most.

The map is available at

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