For those who can’t resist pushing the limits of their respective discipline, only a fool denies that a devastating injury may result. If you avoid a deadly accident you may still be faced an accident that is not only career-ending, but life-changing.

insuranceshield.jpgWhile the emotional impact is undoubtedly difficult, the associated financial burdens to these athletes often creates extreme hardship. For anyone who has ever suffered a major injury or sickness, they know the burden that medical care in the United States can create.
Many top pro action sports athletes are currently competing without health insurance. They are categorized as uninsurable, due to the high levels of risk they undertake each time they participate in their sport. Xtreme Sports Insurance (XSI) out of Draper, Utah is now offering accident insurance policies for high-risk athletes. Starting at $17 a month, athletes can purchase a Level 1 individual policy. While the policy is still not enough in the event of a permanent injury, it’s some coverage.
XSI doesn’t cover basic medical checkups for illness or minor medical procedures, typically covered by a health insurance policy. However, XSI doesn’t place restrictions on how the accident occurred. Whether it happened on the hill, or walking home drunk from the bar, you would be covered.

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