Last week, the operators of Mammoth Mountain signed a $38 million deal to acquire the company that runs Bear Mountain and Snow Summit in the San Bernardino Mountains.  The deal for Snow Summit Ski Corp. includes a golf course, driving range, several parking lots and rights to 438 acres of skiable land owned by the U.S. Forest Service.

The added ski terrain gives Mammoth Mountain control of more than 4,000 acres of ski terrain in California, visited by about 2 million skiers and snowboarders a year.

As with most large ski resorts, the big investment opportunities are for resort developers who build on the land around the ski slopes.   The CEO of Mammoth has indicated that in the next few months, announcements will be made on developments and expansion plans for all four of group’s resorts: Mammoth Mountain; its smaller sister resort in the Sierra, June Mountain; plus the new acquisitions Bear Mountain and Snow Summit east of Los Angeles.

Mammoth Mountain is now offering an annual pass that gives access to Mammoth Mountain and June Mountain, plus Bear Mountain and Snow Summit, for $689 – the same price that Mammoth Mountain charged for its annual pass last year.   Skiers and snowboarders who have already bought the Mammoth Mountain pass for this coming season will be allowed to use the pass at Bear Mountain and Snow Summit.

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