It is well known that ski resort employees can rarely afford housing in the upscale communities in which they work. And now for those working in Telluride, the news is even grimmer. One seasonal resident has shared an email from Telluride Ski Resort-owned dormitory Big Billie’s manager Jeremy Flint.

“I just wanted to give some of our returning tenants a heads up about next winter season’s housing. All of Big Billie’s rooms have to be double occupancy,” Flint wrote in the email shared on Facebook group Telluride Sweet Rants. “We will have no single occupancy rooms available; I know this is discouraging to many of you but my hands are tied. Sorry for the bad news.”

Jake Niece, who works at the resort during winters as a snowmaker, shared the email. Telski officials confirmed that there would be more double occupancy rooms at Big Billie’s during the upcoming winter season, but said that the email shared on Facebook was premature and not completely accurate.

Telluride Ski Resort President and General Manager Greg Pack said about 75 of the 146 dormitory units would be double occupancy, not all of them. New residents will likely be required to share a room, while returning residents will have a chance to have their own room.

Big Billie’s is owned and operated by Telski and houses many resort employees, but employees of other local businesses can also live there, according to Pack. Last winter, Big Billie’s gave residents the option of splitting a room for the first time, and around 40 rooms were optionally double occupancy.

Applicants for Big Billie’s must meet employment and maximum income requirements, which, according to Flint’s email, is $42,000 per year, per double occupancy unit.

Most recently, Telski worked with the developer of Lot 640A in Mountain Village, the site of the former Telluride Apartments, to provide needed open space for their development application. But in typical NIMBY fashion, last month Mountain Village voters approved a citizen initiative limiting Lot 640A to 45 housing units after the developers initially proposed a 91-unit complex.

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