Two new pieces of technology promise to jazz up the skiing experience this coming season.

For those seeking the extreme-selfie will say goodbye to helmet cams and POV pole and say hello to the personal drone. Simply attach your camera to a drone, punch your framing preferences into the smartphone app, and boom – the drone will automatically track your every move down the mountain.

There are a few brands currently rushing their version to market, but with POV king Xavier de le Rue as one of its founders, Hexo+ is the one looking to establish the standard.

But caution advised – a few ski resorts have already announced a no-drone policy.

Likewise, development of virtual ski resort trail maps have been a goal for a while, but with Fatmap, a GPS-enabled smartphone app, you can simply preview the terrain via a high-resolution 3D fly-through, and choose your line. Unfamiliar with a particular run, or an entire area, will no longer hinder your choice of trails.

Added bonus is Fatmap’s detailed terrain intelligence that identifies avalanche risk zones, crevasse zones and slope gradients, and you’ve got an app that will revolutionize your backcountry freeriding experience. The app will also help you track your runs and the location of your buddies on the mountain.

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