Each ski season, concerned skiers write to report witnessing disturbing accidents on the slopes. Many suggest that the reported incident be made the subject of a posting on this blog. For many, the suggestion is a good one.

But occasionally there is a void of any public report of the accident, often this is the case with lift accidents. One concerned skier wrote about a fall at Breckenridge on March 17th. A small girl fell off the ski lift chair. Unless the local media picks up on the story, little information is available to report.
And frequently a particular incident is one for which we have been contacted by the victim for representation. We are prohibited from discussing matters for which we have been engaged by a client, so refrain from posting about the specific accident until after the matter is resolved.
But the suggestions and witness reports are very helpful and certainly not ignored. Please forward all relevant information, as well as comments and suggestions, to Linda Chalat at lchalat@chalatlaw.com.

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