On Jan. 27, a teen skied down the slopes of Trollhaugen Ski Area as part of her school’s ski club activity, when she collided with a tree. Apparently the local girl, who has been an avid skier for four years, somehow got off the established trails and hit a steep section. She struck a tree, then a second tree, and suffered a traumatic head injury. Like most every member of the school’s ski club, she was not wearing a helmet while skiing.

Soon after the accident, school officials called the family and told them that the teen was on the way to the St. Croix Health Center in St. Croix Falls. A few hours later, she was transported to Region’s Hospital in the Twin Cities, where she was assigned a neurosurgeon.
She was diagnosed with a severely bruised frontal lobe, a blood clot and fractured skull. She had to have 32 stitches and have three metal plates surgically implanted in her skull. Doctors commented that a helmet might have prevented a lot of the damage.

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