Disagreement between the state and the city of Fort Collins has brought a ban on fracking within the city limits of Fort Collins. Despite the potential for a lawsuit against the city, the city’s mayor, Karen Weitkunat, said that the decision was made because of the responsibility to protect the citizens, even if that does conflict with the opinion of the state and the Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA) on the issue.

Last year, voters in Longmont passed a similar ban, and a lawsuit was filed against the city. The lawsuit stated that the ban was a violation of state law.

The Denver Post reports that Tisha Schuller, president of COGA, recently wrote, “The state Supreme Court has clearly stated that drilling cannot be banned within a city, county or municipality. Colorado-produced oil and gas is an important part of the energy that we all require every single day. If not here, then where should your energy be produced?”

The ban in Fort Collins amends city code to prohibit, within city limits, oil and gas operations, hydraulic fracturing and some waste storage.

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