A former Colorado district attorney accused of sexually harassing women in his office initially denied that he had done anything wrong. But Myrl Serra was disbarred last month by the state supreme court after pleading guilty and being convicted of various criminal charges.

He had been accused of wrongdoing both as a Montrose County district attorney and personally, ranging from claims that he shared information about cases with his married girlfriend to requests for restraining orders by multiple women. The Denver Post ran a story on his misconduct in 2010. Serra pleaded guilty to criminal extortion, a felony, and unlawful sexual contact, a misdemeanor, involving three victims. His sentencing is scheduled next week.
Not unlike the recent case of Pat Sullivan, the former Arapahoe County Sheriff who was formally charged last December in a drugs-for-sex case, it is deeply disturbing to learn that those charged with upholding the law and protecting us are guilty are repulsive criminal conduct.

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