The vast majority of skiing accidents involve just one person, the sport safety organization the Austrian Committee for Alpine Safety (KfAS) has concluded in an announcement today. The study determined that just 10 per cent of accidents on the slopes were collisions of two or more skiers or snowboarders. The organization explained that the vast number of incidents involved just one skier or boarder.

More than 2,300 accidents have happened on pistes in the Austrian Alps so far this winter, according to the KfAS. The committee, other organizations and sport physicians have observed that many skiers and snowboarders injure themselves after wrongly estimating their skills. Afternoons, when skiers have less concentration and may have alcohol with lunch, are prime time for accidents. Around 60,000 skiers and snowboarders end up in Austrian hospitals every year. Knee injuries are most common among skiers, whilst wrist injuries dominate boarders’ accident records.

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