It is a terrible week for high school ski programs. Three very talented, skilled and experienced teen skiers suffered terrible accidents – one is now in critical condition and two are dead. Each was a member of their respective high school ski team, and each crashed after losing control skiing.

A 15-year-old boy has died after a skiing accident at Craigleith Ski Club in Collingwood, Ontario earlier in the week. Nick Seguin was airlifted to a hospital in Collingwood and later transported to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, where he died Wednesday from his injuries.
A member of the Cobble Hills Racing Team, Seguin was a certified ski instructor. He also played and refereed soccer and was a swimming instructor and lifeguard.
Nick was in Collingwood Monday coaching one of his younger brothers for a race. The afternoon was meant for free skiing until the accident occurred at the ski club. People who knew Nick Seguin describe him as an avid athlete, honors student and musician who will be missed.
A Vermont student who’s a member of the school ski team has suffered a serious head injury after a crash on the slopes. Chen Lin, who is from China, is a senior boarding student at St. Johnsbury Academy.
Lin is a member of the school’s alpine ski team and was taking a practice run at the Middlebury Snow Bowl when he crashed over the weekend. Lin remains in critical condition.
The ski area is owned by Middlebury College, a renowned liberal arts school in central Vermont’s Lake Champlain Valley. The ski area is home to the College’s Panthers Ski Team and is located near Breadloaf Mountain east of the school. Its slopes are frequently used for ski race training and competition.
And Hannah Randolph, 15, from Wellesley, Mass., was killed in a skiing accident on Sunday while on a ski holiday with her family. She collided with a tree at the Copper Mountain Resort in Frisco, Colorado.
The Wellesley High School freshman was a member of the Wellesley High School ski team. Witnesses watched as she veered off course and hit a tree. She was taken to the Copper Mountain Clinic, where she was pronounced dead two hours later. She was wearing a helmet.
In addition to being an experienced skier, Hannah Randolph was an accomplished artist and a soccer player. She also sang in the school choir.
Skiing is not without risks, but it is not a dangerous sport when compared to other popular recreational activities. Yet, these talented high school students each careened to disaster – it may just be coincidence, or it may be that our ski clubs and ski teams are instilling overconfidence in these young athletes.

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