A bicyclist was injured Sunday morning in Deer Creek Canyon when he was hit from behind by a truck. The rider, 45, was taken to Littleton Adventist Hospital, treated for injuries and released, according to the Colorado State Patrol. The 71-yr-old driver of the 2009 Ford Ranger involved in the incident was cited for careless driving, said a Colorado State Patrol spokesman.

Hoover was driving south on South Deer Creek Canyon Road in Jefferson County at about 9 a.m. when the right front corner of the truck hit the bicycle. The preliminary investigation found that Nix was riding on or near the shoulder when he was hit.
The cyclist was riding with a dozen cyclists. He suffered multiple bruises along with injuries to a hip, ribs and his neck, he said Monday. The driver evidently blew his horn for about 30 seconds solid and then started blowing it off and on. The driver then struck the bike.
This incident follows closely the September horn-honking episode near Longmont that was recorded on video by the bicyclist. In Jefferson County, recent public roadway-safety have been packed with people worried about making roads safer, coming up with possible mitigation plans for cyclists and drivers. Ironically, one was held in the Deer Creek area in August.

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