A 20 year old is recovering at Denver Health with a broken neck, broken jaw – and an arm he cannot move – after a driver grabbed him and drove off at 30 mph until the victim’s clothing gave way. Just after midnight, Saturday morning the young man was walking from a party with two friends. As he walked along Harlan Way in Denver, a pickup truck turned a corner and almost ran over him.

In fear and anger, he reached out and hit the back end of the vehicle. This provoked the driver to turn back around, confronting the 20 year old. The driver grabbed the man, ignoring the offered apology, and drug him by his head and jacket. Eventually the clothes gave way, and the victim dropped.
It is a horrifying and bizarre cautionary tale. When you witness unacceptable conduct by a driver, do not attempt to retaliate – call law enforcement. If a driver is disregarding the law in an act of aggression, chances are pretty good the offending behavior will only escalate. Sadly a lesson learned first-hand by one young man in Denver this weekend.

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