Earlier this month, a Reno local was skiing with her family at Mt. Rose ski area at Lake Tahoe. At the bottom of her first run, she was hit from behind by a skier, leaving her with a life threatening injury.

When the other skier hit the mother, the impact broke her pelvis in three areas. But rather than offering assistance, the hitter picked himself up and fled the accident scene.

A picture of her CT scan shows that the broken right wing of her pelvis is almost completely sheared off, preventing her from walking for another 6 to 8 weeks. The injury is so severe that her doctors say it can kill 50% of those suffering the break.

Almost all states with a ski safety statute provide some requirement that individuals involved in an accident stay at the scene until ski patrol arrives. The Nevada statute provides that individuals involved in a collision must stay on the scene of the accident and to exchange information just like you would in a car accident.

But sadly, this minimal duty of decent behavior is being ignored increasingly as more skiers realize there may be legal consequences to their conduct. Just this past week, our office spoke to three different victims of serious collisions, each of which were left by the offending skier or boarder – essentially “hit and run” victims on the slopes.

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