Colorado State Patrol (CSP) has reported that last year troopers dealt with more road rage complaints. In 2014, reports of 65,341 road rage incidents were received by CSP — the largest number of calls since 2007.

In May, a Denver road rage confrontation turned violent. A driver shot two people on a busy stretch of Broadway Street. Luckily, the people shot survived.

So far this year, CSP has already seen an increase in aggressive driving calls. In January, it received just over 3,000 complaints. By July, that number jumped to nearly 5,000. State Trooper Reid explained there are likely three factors at play: more traffic, added construction and a greater awareness of CSP’s program to report aggressive drivers.

If you see an aggressive driver you can report it by calling *CSP or 277. Once a driver gets three complaints, they are sent a letter warning them to stop. At five complaints, you get a visit from a trooper.

If a driver gets more than five complaints, the Troop Commander can decide to keep an eye on the driver to “observe this behavior and ultimately write a ticket,” Trooper Reid told Channel 7 News.

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