It might soon become more expensive for Colorado couples to marry or divorce. The Senate Appropriations Committee backed a bill last Friday that would raise marriage and divorce fees to pay for programs to help victims of domestic abuse. The measure would raise the marriage license fee from $10 to $30. Divorce petitions would go from $220 to $230 and divorce responses would be raised by $10 to $116.

divorce.jpgThe increases would take effect July 1 and raise an estimated $987,000 in the first year. Half the money raised from the divorce fee increases would pay for legal fees for the victims of domestic violence. The rest of it and all the money from the wedding fee increase would go to groups that counsel and advocate for domestic violence victims.
It seems unnecessary to note that it is $200 more to begin a divorce action than the fee for beginning a marriage – for many the $230 is still a bargain…

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